The humble grilled cheese gets a necessary elevation.

Square One Burgers & Bar

Itís supposed to be all about the burgers. And, mostly it is. When you have the word burger prominently featured in your name it had better be. But, what happens when a alternative menu item is as good as the featured items?

When I was about ten I thought, incorrectly I might add, that a grilled cheese sandwich could only be made with cheese that came individually wrapped. I just assumed this attention to each slice meant that each perfectly formed piece of cheese was special. I had no idea at that age what the term processed cheese food meant. Good thing.

Hereís the recipe for all of you who havenít been ďprivilegedĒ enough to have enjoyed it.

2 slices Wonder or Butternut Bread
3-4 slices Kraft American Singles, unwrapped

Heat a skillet over medium heat. Butter one side of both bread slices. Place one bread slice buttered side down in skillet. Top bread with cheese slices. Place second bread slice on top of cheese butter side up.

When the bread is golden brown on underside of sandwich, flip and brown side two. When both sides are browned and cheese is melted remove from heat. Eat immediately for maximum roof of mouth and lower lip burn.

That was the grilled cheese of my youth (and maybe yours too).

Fast forward about forty years. Grilled cheese is making a huge resurgence in popularity. And, itís not about the little kids anymore. Itís about the big kids. Adult grilled cheese sandwiches are gracing menus all over the country. Some of these new renditions are beyond imaginative and pretty damn tasty.

Hereís a prime example.

X-Rated Grilled Cheese

That is the X-Rated Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Square 1 Burgers & Bar. Obviously, not created with a six year old in mind. That is, unless your tyke likes GruyŤre and sharp cheddar cheese, dill pickle slices, beefsteak tomato, mayo and sourdough bread. Oh, I almost forgot, you can also add bacon (and who wouldnít do that?).

Hereís the story I was told. So many adults were ordering grilled cheese off the kids menu that the restaurant owners felt they needed to do something. Iím not sure why, but, they did. As it turns out, it was a good thing. If not for those crazy grown ups ordering all that kids food, this super delicious sandwich would probably never have been invented.

You can grab one of their great grilled cheeses at either of the Square 1 locations here in Sarasota. Oh, what about the burgers you may be thinking.

Rise & Shine Burger

They still have those too.

Square One Burgers & Bar

1737 S. Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL 34239

University Park Center
5239 University Parkway
Sarasota FL 34201

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