Who said learning canít be fun?

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Class is now in session.

Iím going to teach you a new word today. Some of you may know it. But, I feel fairly confident that for most of you (and me) it will be an addition to your already extensive vocabulary. Ready. Here we go.

Falernum – (pronounced fah-learn-um)

Hands please. Yes, you in the back rowÖ Nope, not even close. I’ve got some guesses of my own. Most of them are PG-13, a few canít be printed here. Give up?

For those of us who aren’t serious students of the drink, falernum is probably a mystery. Maybe mystery is the wrong word. More of a question. Like what in the world?

Get your pencils ready. Have you ever heard of a Frosty Dawn? How about a Corn Ní Oil? Thatís Falernum. Yes, Iím talking cocktails here. And, not just any cocktails. High end, delicious, refreshing cocktails. Cocktails that scream special.

Wicked Pineapple Swizzle

You can get a Jack and Coke anywhere. Itís a classic combo and any amateur bartender can mix one up. But, how about a Wicked Pineapple Swizzle? I thought so. I know a place right here in Sarasota where the Wicked Pineapple Swizzles flow like… (insert your favorite metaphor here).

Tommy Bahama's

Back to the falernum lesson. Itís a simple syrup thatís flavored with almond, ginger and clove. Oh, and sometimes allspice or vanilla. Itís certainly not something youíre going to find at your neighborhood watering hole. Unless that happens to be in Anguilla.

It’s also the “secret” ingredient to Tommy Bahama’s super refreshing Wicked Pineapple Swizzle. A great light and flavorful drink for a warm spring or summer day.

Wicked Pineapple Swizzle

Best of all, you donít have to go to a Caribbean island to grab one. A quick trip to their tropical oasis on St. Armands Circle is all thatís required.

Oh, in case you were wondering, Yes, they serve some pretty tasty food too.

Tommy Bahama's

Class is dismissed.


300 John Ringling Boulevard
Sarasota, FL 34236

Tommy Bahama's Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon

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