When technology meets food the results can be delicious.

Seafood Medley | Carmel Cafe

I love toys. Especially tech toys. The more light and buttons, the more better. At least in my eyes. The device doesn’t even have to be all that useful. I just love to play with stuff.

I also love and appreciate great food. I won’t use the word “foodie” because I hate that label. It sounds like you should be starring in a Saturday morning cartoon. And, that’s probably in the works. Let’s just use the term: Food Lover. I know it’s not as catchy and flashy. But, it makes me more comfortable, so just go with it.

What could be a better scenario then the tech world and culinary universe colliding? If there is one, I can’t envision it. What am I talking about? Here it is in a nutshell. How would you like to have your tech and eat it too? Still confused? Let me walk you through it.

The Carmel Café has brought these two loves of mine together in the most delicious way possible. They are using the advances in tablet technology (more specifically, the Apple iPad) to enhance your tableside dining experience. And, they are doing it so effectively and in such a novel way that Apple has featured them as a model for all others to learn from.

Apple has posted a fantastic video of how the Carmel Café is using the latest tech advances to make a more interactive (and entertaining) dining experience. This new approach doesn’t stop at the table. It also extends to the kitchen. Making easier for the chefs to execute your order to perfection. Less mistakes in the kitchen means a more consistent and pleasurable meal for you.

Have a look at what I’m talking about. You can view the Apple video here. It’s worth watching.

But, what about the food you ask. Let’s have a quick peek at what the new, high tech kitchen is cranking out.

Crab Cake Eggs Benedict | Carmel Cafe

How about one more.

Lasagna Spirals | Carmel Cafe

The best way for you to experience the new high tech world of dining is to drop on by and see (and taste) for yourself. If you want a quick menu preview (iPad not included), have a look here.

Have fun being part of the early adopter crowd. You’ll be hooked. I was.


8433 Cooper Creek Blvd.
Sarasota, FL 34201

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