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The Broken Egg | Cuban Sandwich

What: Cuban Roll
Where: The Broken Egg (140 Avenida Messina, Siesta Key, 941-346-2750)
Price: $ 8.49

When most people in this town think Cuban Sandwich the reflex response is The Columbia, And, thatís natural. They do serve an amazing Cuban Sandwich there. They had better, right? What most people donít know is that there are lots of places in town that feature great Cubans on their menus.

There are people that are sandwich snobs. They will thumb their nose at any sandwich that isnít from the ďrightĒ place. Others, like me (and hopefully you), are just out there looking for a few undiscovered gems. Guess what? We discovered one for you.

The Broken Egg, is serving up a pretty mean Cuban of their own at their Siesta Key location (you can get it any of the three restaurants). Because of their name, some people think that they are just a breakfast place. Wrong. They serve a mean lunch too. I know it can be nearly impossible to pass on the amazing Potato Casserole (didnít this dish used to be called Incredible Hash Browns?). But, trust me the Cuban Roll is worthy.

Here we go, letís check it out.

Broken Egg | Cuban Roll

Well, am I right? It looks (and tastes) awesome. It has all the right stuff. Great Cuban bread, roast pork, smoked ham, dill pickles, cheese and mustard. Then it is perfectly pressed. Have another look.

Broken Egg | Cuban Roll

I couldnít resist. I took two great shots and just had to show them both to you. Anyway, For a place thatís known more for their breakfast than their lunch they turn out a pretty great sandwich. Now go get yours!

Need more info? Have a look at The Broken Egg on dineSarasota. Just click the logo and you will magically transported.


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