Sarasota Food Find | Sun Garden Cafe

When this hearty soup calls, it’s hard not to answer.

Sun Garden Cafe

What: Curried Chicken Soup
Where: Sun Garden Cafe
(210 Avenida Madera, Siesta Key, 941-346-7170)
Cost: Cup $2.50

There is soup. And, then there is SOUP. Real soup. Soup that has a soul. Soup that really grabs your taste buds and takes them for a ride. Soup that when you finish would have you licking the cup it came in if your manners didn’t take hold first. That’s what we’re talking about here.

I love a good bowl of soup a little more than the next guy. Sure, there are a few good ones around town. I was lucky. I stumbled on a great one.

The Sun Garden Café on Siesta Key serves a soup everyday that stands out like a special. Their Curried Chicken Soup is thick, delicious and inspired. It’s a soup that other soups wish they could be. Satisfying, bold and just plain good.

Curried Chicken Soup | Sun Garden Cafe

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, those are pepitas. And, yes, they add some great texture to this soups oddly satisfying creaminess.  It has a nice spicy kick to it. This is one dish that has a unique personality.

Curried Chicken Soup | Sun Garden Cafe

Granted, this velvety delight might not be everyone’s cup of tea (so to speak). If you’re a lover of soup I think you will agree, this was one “souper” Sarasota Food Find.

Need more info? Have a look at the Sun Garden Cafe on dineSarasota. Just click the logo and you will magically transported.


Is there a great soup you’ve had that you are dying to tell us about? Have you been to the Sun Garden Café?, leave a comment and tell the world what you think.

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