Mozzarella Fella

What: The Special
Where: Mozzarella Fella (1668 Main St., Downtown. 941-366-7600)
Cost: Varies

There is something about the word itself, Special. It just sounds out of the ordinary. It rolls off the tongue in just that, well, special way. Special.

Enough about the word. What about the food? Of course that’s special too (or we wouldn’t be wasting our time or yours).

Mozzarella Fella

There is so much to love about this little downtown eatery. Sure, as the name would suggest they crank out some memorable homemade mozzarella cheese. But, the entire place oozes with a feeling that screams, “Hey, something great is going on in here. Pay attention”! And there’s no doubt that it is.

My maiden journey to Mozzarella Fella went something like this. I walk in. Give the place a quick visual. There is a wall mounted menu board that has the complete offerings. My brain tells me I want the #10 (fresh mozzarella, Genoa salami, oregano and olive oil). The helpful person behind the counter tells me, “What you really want is the special”. As it turns out, not surprisingly, she was correct.

Meet my special.

Mozzarella Fella | Special of the Day

Looks like taking a great suggestion really pays off. The mozzarella cheese on this sandwich was so fresh, it made the remaining ingredients really sing. The peppers were roasted to perfection and there was just enough of the mayo to bring everything together.

Did I forget to mention the ham? There was lots of it.

Mozzarella Fella | Special of the Day

There is something a little odd going on here. In a good way. On one hand you have this amazing old school cheese making tradition. It’s all happening in what should be a well-worn family restaurant space in, let’s say, New York, Chicago, Philly or Boston. But, it’s not. You walk out the front door and you’re on Main Street Sarasota. Boy, is that convenient. Can’t wait to wander back in for my #10.

Need more info? Have a look at the Mozzarella Fella on dineSarasota. Just click the logo and you will magically transported.

Mozzarella Fella | CLICK FOR MORE INFO

Is there a great sandwich you’ve had that you are dying to tell us about? Have you been to the Mozzarella Fella? Leave a comment and tell the world what you think.

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