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Itís true. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Half Shell Oyster House

What: Lobster Scrambled Eggs
Where: Half Shell Oyster House (1991 Main Street, 941-952-9400)
Cost: $11.00

There isnít a whole lot thatís more luxurious (food wise) than lobster for breakfast. Letís face it, lobster is one of those foods that just oozes class. Even though, you could recently purchase a whole Maine lobster for around $9.95 a pound. Price doesnít figure in to it. It is one of those foods where the cost is not totally linked to the experience. Lobster is rich, not matter how much you paid for it.

I love breakfast. And, if itís even possible, I love brunch even more. Eggs are obviously one of the Sunday brunch staples. But, lobster? I think not. Lobster is a treat anytime it shows up on a menu. Especially and usually unexpectedly at brunch.

Main Streetís Half Shell Oyster House has put both of those ingredients together in an amazingly delicious way. Their Lobster Scrambled Eggs are a simple and elegant treat. Especially, if you enjoy an occasional brunch-time indulgence. Hereís what Iím talking about.

Half Shell Oyster House | Lobster Scrambled Eggs

Do I exaggerate? Look at those huge chunks of rich, delicious lobster. You would think youíre in Maine at the height of lobster season. Is it worth a second peek? Why notÖ

Half Shell Oyster House | Lobster Scrambled Eggs

Lobster front and center!

All of the artfully crafted words canít make you taste whatís on the printed page (or screen). So, that leaves the final part of this Sarasota Food Find up to you. Iíve done the finding part for you. Now, all you have to do is the enjoying part!

Need more info? Have a look at The Half Shell Oyster House on dineSarasota. Just click the logo and you will magically transported.

CLICK FOR MORE INFO | Half Shell Oyster House

If you have your own Sarasota Food Find that you would like to tell us about, drop us an email. If youíve been to the Half Shell Oyster House, leave a comment and tell the world what you think.

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