A change of scenery is like a new beginning

Gaot Cheese Salad | Antoine's Restaurant

Does that salad look familiar? Well if youíre any kind of Sarasota salad aficionado it should. That is the Goat Cheese Salad that was a standout on the menu of the former Brasserie Belge on Main Street.

When they closed their doors, I feared I would never get another opportunity to savor itís sophisticated deliciousness. I was wrong (not the first time by the way).

Christian Zebier, the former owner of Brasserie Belge, has introduced a brand new culinary stop on the Sarasota restaurant dining tour. Antoineís Restaurant has recently opened itís doors at 5020 Fruitville Road.

And, here is the best part. The Goat Cheese Salad is once again available to discriminating Sarasota food tasters. By way of a refresher, hereís the official menu description of the dish:

A warm goat cheese pillow encased in phyllo pastry drizzled with honey served atop a mix of arugula, cherry tomatoes, apple, cucumber, shallots and walnuts with an apple vinaigrette.

Looks just like the image above. Funny how that works.

OK, here is your call to action. Go to Antoineís, order the Goat Cheese Salad, report back and let us know if itís the same as we all remember. If you werenít lucky enough to sample it at the old place, youíre getting another shot. Use it wisely.

5020 Fruitville Road
Sarasota, Florida 34232

Antoine's Restaurant | CLICK FOR MORE INFO

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